If you are considering having a criminal arrest record from Florida expunged please give us a call.  We provide a free consultation and will make sure you qualify before you hire us.  I have been actively expunging and sealing Florida criminal records since 1998.  I know this area of law very well and can advise you on all the legal aspects of it.

Feel free to take a look at both my websites:

Florida Expungements and

Expungement Page on Eric J Dirga, PA website.

Seal and Expunge

2 thoughts on “Criminal Record Expungements

  1. I was convicted of a burglary charge in 2004, and was sentenced to one year. I was adjudicated guilty.
    Also, in 2007 I was charged with a misdemeanor of paraphernalia.
    I have not been in any trouble since then, I am about to get my associated degree from Valencia college this summer, and am going to UCF in august as a junior where I will get my degree in Accounting
    Even to apply for an internship is a problem with my record, is there anything you can do to get it off my record, even though I was adjudicated guilty, or know of anyone who can help me.

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